Tile Trends – What’s Hot in 2020

As we begin a new year, we take a look at some of the exciting tile trends we can look forward to seeing this 2020. We share our top 5 here.

In and Out

Tiles that can be used both indoors and outdoors are gaining popularity this year for some obvious reasons. Often you find tiles you love, but they can only be used either indoors or outdoors. This will no longer be a problem. These new tiles have been finished in such a way that they don’t become slippery when wet and create a seamless look throughout your home.


Tile Trends

Terrazzo remains ever-popular in 2020, incorporating a speckled design into tiles. It is a popular and more affordable alternative to granite and marble and provides unlimited colour options making it perfect for any room and interior décor style. This look is timeless and unique, and brings in a European flair to your home.

Warm and Cool Colours

When it comes to top colours for tiles this year, warm terracotta orange and sage green are amongst the most popular. Used together to mix warm and cool tones, or individually, these colours add unique warmth to your space.  On the cooler side, the Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue, is also one to watch for in 2020.  It’s very easy to bring this colour into your home with splashbacks and other deco tiles or as a feature wall in an airy space.

Tile Trends Pantone Colour Classic Blue

Bigger is Better

This trend not only speaks to the size of tiles, but also to patterns on tiles. In 2020 we can expect to see even larger slabs, with sizes being seen up to 2.4 x 1.2m . We are even seeing the smaller tiles coming out with bigger, bolder patterns that become a focus point and instantly catch the eye.

Colourful Splash backs

Splash backs are a great way to add colour to your kitchen,  and remain right on-trend. This year we are seeing lots of run patterns and bold colours being used in kitchens. Not only do the tiles protect your wall, but there are so many wonderful smaller tiles available today that make it possible to be creative in your kitchen space. Choose colours and patterns that compliments your décor or mix and match to create a unique effect.Tile Trends


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